Bags of Various Types



Backpacks are bags that are slung over the shoulders with the help of two strong straps. Backpacks have traditionally been huge, with students carrying books and travellers and hikers carrying food, cameras, and water bottles. However, in 2017, the fashion trend of smaller backpacks, ranging in size from a laptop to a palm, became popular. There’s also a rucksack.

Bag with a belt

Belt bags are micro bags that are linked to a belt. Fanny packs differ from belt bags in that there is no obvious separation between the belt strap and the bag, whereas belt bags are simply a pouch attached to a belt. Some brands, however, use the phrases interchangeably to denote these types of bags. Also known as a waist bag. Also known as a fanny pack.

Bag for bicycles

A bicycle bag is a bag made of washable material that contains loops or other hardware to attach it to a bicycle and is used by riders. Handlebar bags, pannier bags, and frame bags are the three types of bicycle bags.


In the American Northeastern hobo community, a bindle is a fabric sack tied around the end of a stick and carried over the shoulder by a hobo. Bindles were also widely employed by the poorest parts of India’s north and west. Bindle is a phrase used to describe a sack constructed by knotting opposite ends of a fabric, and it is manufactured by fashion brands to give the hobo subculture a modern, wearable spin. Also known as a hobo bag.

Bag for bowling

Bowling bags are semi-circle in shape with short handles, inspired by conventional bowling ball bags. Also known as a duffel bag.


A briefcase is a hard, rectangular box-like bag with a short handle. See also laptop bag. Men’s briefcases are usually invariably boxy and hard-cased. Some briefcases for women are made of softer materials, such as leather, and have rounded, gentler corners.

Bag in a bucket

Bucket bags are elongated bags with top handles that resemble a bucket or a drawstring on the top as a closing. On the inside, these bags may have a zip or snap stud (tich) button closing, as well as an oval or round base. When the top closure is a drawstring, the bag is also known as a drawstring bag.

a camera case

A camera bag is a square-ish, structured, and cushioned bag used to transport a camera, often with separate pockets for safely storing lenses, memory cards, and batteries. These bags might be professional, tailored for certain camera sizes and used to carry digital SLR cameras by professional photographers. Alternatively, they could be informal and decorative, resembling a standard handbag and used primarily by women to transport cameras while travelling or on photographic expeditions. Also included is a camera case.


Clutch bags are small, hand-held evening bags with minimalistic or concealed hardware and removable or no straps. Also see evening bag and minaudière.

Wallet for coins

Coin purses are little bags that are used to carry coins. They’re generally carried in conjunction with other bags or as part of a handbag. Coin purses are the tiniest of all the bags, yet some manufacturers use the phrase “coin purse” to refer to a wristlet. See also clutch.

Cross your arms and legs

Cross body bags are bags that have a strap that loops over one shoulder and crosses your body diagonally. Long straps that fall at the hip and short straps that fall at the waist are both worn with these types of bags.

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