Bags Types


A backpack is a large bag that you wear on your back to carry stuff and is designed to hold more items than a daypack. Although there is evidence of individuals utilising backpacks from civilizations as early as 3300 BC, the phrase was first popularised in the United States in the 1910s.


A Day Pack is commonly confused with a Backpack, despite the fact that it is a smaller or medium-sized backpack designed for everyday usage. They’re excellent for work, school, or everyday errand trips because they’re lighter and more compact than backpacks.

Bag with a Belt

The word “belt bag” is frequently used interchangeably with “waist pack” to describe a bag that is designed to be worn around your waist. It usually contains a detachable leather purse linked to the belt, making it a two-in-one case.

Waist Bag / Bum Bag

A Bum Bag, also known as a Waist Bag or Fanny Pack, is a waist bag that is worn around the waist to contain small items and daily requirements. The bag element of a Bum Bag, unlike a Belt Bag, is frequently not detachable from the belt. It can also be fashioned out of a wider range of materials.

Bag with Drawstrings

A drawstring or drawcord is used to close a drawstring bag. It’s light and can be made of a variety of materials, including canvas, nylon, and leather. The drawstring bag is popular for short excursions and everyday use because of its simplicity and generally low price.


The name “rucksack” comes from the German words “der rücken,” which means “back,” and “sack,” which means “bag.” The Rucksack is sometimes confused with a “backpack,” but it usually has a buckle flap and more exterior pockets than a regular backpack.

Backpack Satchel

A Satchel Backpack is a backpack with the appearance of a satchel. It has a front pocket, a double-buckled top flap, and is always made of leather.


A knapsack is a sort of backpack composed of canvas and weather-resistant materials. Before the name “backpack” became widespread in the mid-twentieth century, it was regularly used. A drawstring and flap across the bag’s opening are also common features of a knapsack.


The word “ransel” is derived from the Dutch word “randoseru.” The Randoseru is a hard shell bag popular among Japanese students. It is often made of leather or leather-like synthetic materials.


A pouch is a small bag that is usually closed at the top using a zipper. It was first used as a way to carry objects in a drawstring pouch in mediaeval times. The pouch is now a multipurpose tool that may be used to carry tiny goods as a clutch or as an organiser within larger bags.

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