A handbag

This is the must-have medium-sized ladies bag for any woman. This is a bag that can hold all of your things while yet looking stylish.

Bag for a hobo

This is a huge bag with a slouchy shape made of soft fabrics. Because of the way it slumps down when placed down or carried, it has a crescent shape under the handle. This bag has a characteristic silhouette that distinguishes it as a casual tote.

Bag tote

This is a rectangular-shaped bag constructed of sturdier materials such as canvas or leather; for most girls, it is a “shopping-must-have.” This bag has short-to-medium handles and is large enough to accommodate most women’s shopping needs.

A duffel bag

This bag has flat and rounded edges, as well as a top zip fastening. It’s a big, roomy bag.

Bags for messengers

These bags are medium in size and have a front flap. It’s usually cross-body and has a lengthy strap. This bag is also known as a courier bag. This guide will show you how to construct a simple and easy messenger bag.


This bag is also known as a bookbag, kitbag, knapsack, pack, sackpack, or backsack, according to Wikipedia; it is a robust bag worn on the back of the body with two straps. Rucksacks are huge backpacks that are commonly used for travel.


This is a rectangle bag with a flap that closes with a single or double buckle at the front. They have a lengthy strap and are usually worn low on the body.

Bag of a doctor

Doctors used to carry their supplies in this huge backpack when they went on house calls. They are very roomy and have a frame at the top and a flat bottom.

Bag for laptops

It features compartments to carry a laptop and its accessories, as the name implies. It has a rectangular design with short as well as longer handles for shoulder carrying.

Bag in a bucket

This medium-sized bag features a flat bottom, a drawstring clasp, and long handles. Its appearance is casual, and it is a fashion trend with a carry-all cool appeal.

A bowling bag

This is a medium-sized bag with short handles; the top of the bag has a unique dome shape; the bag’s name is derived from bowling ball bags.


Wristlet is a compact purse with a bracelet-like short carrying strap.


A pouch is a compact drawstring bag used to transport small items. Here’s a link to a tutorial on how to construct a little gift pouch.


Clutch is a slim, flat purse without handles or a strap that is meant to be held in the hand. Bags with a flap and long cross-body straps that resemble the bags that used to be hung on a horse’s saddle, hence the name. Some bicycles/bikes have saddle bags connected to them.

Bag for the beach

Large plastic beach bags that are waterproof and can be used to transport items to the beach. This is a bag that you hang around your shoulder and is also known as a sling bag in its smaller form. Shoulder bags include the satchel and saddle bag.


It’s not really a bag; it’s a jewelled case that doubles as one. They have a top closure and a hinged frame. They are usually studded with beads and gems and include a shoulder strap.

The large shopping bag is well-known. They’re often constructed of cotton or plastic and can hold just about anything you buy at the store.

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